Reddit personal finance flowchart

Roughly two weeks ago, /u/beached89 shared an informative flowchart on how to prioritize spending of personal income. Step 1 in the flowchart is get a separate,

It’s been nearly a year since I made the original UK Personal Finance Flowchart: One of the most frequent questions in /r/personalfinance goes something like:. How you order those options is up to you, Technically I’m at 83k right now and on track to be 87k+ once bonus & salary raises hit. I also picked up $3k last year from side work,

I have my 6 months of emergency funds in a high interest savings account, I’m maxing out my 401k every year with full employer contributions, First, the PDFs: [Color]( gb8rqVPcd0MnZXNnlTWnBaNmM/view) [

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