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OtherNew to /r/personalfinance? Have questions? Read this InvestingThe Best Investment: Yourself (self.personalfinance). One of my favorite things to read is /r/personalfinance. Here are seven of my favorite posts from the sub — and what YOU can learn from them.

How to Handle Your Money – the Best Advice From Reddit’s r/personalfinance. Here’s what I learned from the almost 13 million people on r/personalfinance. About five years ago, I started a job that paid me double what I’ But Reddit is being manipulated by financial services firms so that users see what the companies want them to see. The best Reddit personal finance advice from the /r/personalfinance subreddit, One of the struggles of covering personal finance is that the tips A new subreddit, r/povertyfinance, evolved from the r/

Financial terms beginning with the letter “R” from the Financial & Investing Glossary at

/r/personalfinance is a good start; lots of great information in the sidebar on there. I’ve heard positive things about the book “Get a Financial Life”

A renowned author, advisor, and academic, Garman is a Fellow and Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Virginia Tech University, Personal finance education (1 C, 36 P). в–» Personal financial problems (19 P) R. в–» Retail financial services (4 C, 37 P). в–» Retirement (4 C, 39 P)

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